Complaint/Grievance Resolution Procedure

Introduction (top)

APR Testing Services is fully committed to conducting all its activities in strict conformance with the American Psychological Association's Ethical Principles of Psychologists. APR Testing Services will comply with all legal and ethical responsibilities to be non-discriminatory in promotional activities, program content and in the treatment of program participants. The monitoring and assessment of compliance with these standards will be the responsibility of the CE Credit Program Administrator.

As the continuing education opportunities offered by APR Testing Services are limited to home-study programs, the areas of possible complaint are expected to be relatively limited. If a participant files a complaint and expects action on the complaint, the actions described below will be taken.

While APR Testing Services works to assure fair treatment for all participants and attempts to anticipate problems, there may be occasional issues which require intervention and/or action on the part of an officer of APR Testing Services. This procedural description serves as our operational guidelines for handling such complaints/grievances.

Complaint/Grievance Processing (top)

When a participant or a potential participant lodges a complaint or grievance, either orally or in writing or by email, a Confidential Log will be opened for that complaint. The log will record essential information, including: (a) the date of the complaint, (b) identification and contact information for the person making the complaint, (c) the nature of the complaint, (d) action requested by the person making the complaint (if any), (e) steps taken to resolve the complaint/grievance, in narrative form, and (f) the final status of the matter. These logs will be kept in our confidential files for at least three years.

  1. If the complaint concerns program content, the Administrator will carefully listen to or read the complaint and seek clarification from the participant, if necessary. If the participant requests action, the Program Administrator will:
    1. attempt to address the complaint to the satisfaction of the participant, or, failing in that,
    2. offer a full refund of any fee paid.
  2. If the complaint concerns program administration, the Administrator will follow the same procedure as just outlined.
  3. If the complaint raises issues of lack of objectivity of the Program Administrator, the matter will be placed before the Advisory Committee for its input.
  4. At least annually the Advisory Committee will review the Confidential Logs and comment on any areas that seem to require attention by the CE Credit Program Administrator.

To file a complaint or grievance, please email or call (617) 244-7405 and ask to speak with the CE Credit Program Administrator.

Last Updated: June 1, 2014