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Employee Selection and Assessment

Effect size guidelines for individual differences researchers (Gignac and Szodorai, 2016)*
1 Credit • Gilles E. Gignac and Eva T. Szodorai$10.00 Add to cart
Research in Law Enforcement Selection (Aamodt, 2004)
5 Credits • Aamodt, M.G.$50.00 Add to cart


APA Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct (2016, current as of 8/17)
2 Credits • American Psychological Association$20.00 Add to cart
Code of Ethics: American Educational Research Association (2011, current as of 8/17)
1 Credit • American Educational Research Association$10.00 Add to cart
Guiding Principles for Evaluators (American Evaluation Association, 2004)
1 Credit • American Evaluation Association$10.00 Add to cart
Recognition of Moral Issues: Moral Awareness and Ethical Predispositions (Reynolds, 2006)
1 Credit • Reynolds, S. J.$10.00 Add to cart

Legal Issues in Testing and Employment

Smith v Boston (2015)*
3 Credits • U.S. District Court$30.00 Add to cart

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