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Employee Selection and Assessment

Critical analytic thinking skills: Do they predict job-related task performance above and beyond general intelligence? (Elson, et al., 2018)
1 Credit • Sara B. Elson, Robert Hartman, Adam Beatty, Matthew Trippe, Kerry Buckley, John Bornmann, Elaine Bochniewicz, Mark Lehner, Liliy$10.00 Add to cart
Cross-cultural validity of integrity assessments (Billings & Dages, 2018)
1 Credit • Steven W. Billings and Kelly D. Dages$10.00 Add to cart
Effect size guidelines for individual differences researchers (Gignac and Szodorai, 2016)
1 Credit • Gilles E. Gignac and Eva T. Szodorai$10.00 Add to cart
Principles for the Validation and Use of Personnel Selection Procedures (SIOP, 2018)*
3 Credits • Society for Industrial, Organizational Psychology$30.00 Add to cart
Subgroup differences in situational judgment test scores (Herde, et. al., 2020)*
1 Credit • Herde, Lievens, Jackson, Shalfrooshan, and Roth$0.00 Free!


APA Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct (2016, current as of 6/21)*
2 Credits • American Psychological Association$20.00 Add to cart
Code of Ethics: American Educational Research Association (2011, current as of 6/21)*
1 Credit • American Educational Research Association$10.00 Add to cart
Guidelines and Ethical Considerations for Assessment Center Operations (2015, current as of 6/21)*
2 Credits • International Task Force on Assessment Center Guidelines$20.00 Add to cart
Guiding Principles for Evaluators (American Evaluation Association, 2018, current as of 6/21)*
1 Credit • American Evaluation Association$10.00 Add to cart

Legal Issues in Testing and Employment

Civil Service Mandated Cutoff Scores (Hoffman, 2018)
1 Credit • Calvin C Hoffman$10.00 Add to cart
Smith v Boston (2015)*
3 Credits • U.S. District Court$30.00 Add to cart

Tests and Testing Methods

Assessment centers versus cognitive ability tests: Challenging the conventional wisdom on criterion-related validity (Sackett, Shewach, and Keiser, 2017)
1 Credit • Paul R. Sackett, Oren R. Shewach, and Heidi N. Keiser$10.00 Add to cart
Changing abilities vs. changing tasks (Dahlke, Kostal, Sackett, & Kuncel, 2018)
3 Credits • Jeffrey A. Dahlke, Jack W. Kostal, Paul R. Sackett, and Nathan R. Kuncel$30.00 Add to cart
Constructed response formats and their effects on minority-majority differences and validity (Lievens, et al., 2018)
1 Credit • Lievens, F., Sackett, P. R., Dahlke, J. A., Oostrom, J. K., & De Soete, B.$10.00 Add to cart
What meta-analyses reveal about the replicability of psychological research (Stanley, Carter, & Doucouliagos, 2018)
2 Credits • T. D. Stanley, Evan C. Carter, and Hristos Doucouliagos$20.00 Add to cart

Various Other I/O Topics

Adverse effects of equal opportunities policies (Lennartz, Proost, & Brebels, 2019)*
1 Credit • Lennartz, C., Proost, K. & Brebels, L. $10.00 Add to cart

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